No Mess Feeder and Waterer for Cats and Dogs


Food bowl for dry food (non-wet or canned food) and Pet Waterer assists in preventing yellow stains around the pet’s neck.

  1. Special design for pets with long hair or a pet that requires extra care of the hair/coat.
  2. Easy to use, and encourages pets to drink more water.
  3. Transparent bottle for ease of use and for checking water level and cleanliness.
  4. Lightweight, portable, convenient to carry weighing less than 0.3kg (less than 11 ounces)
  5. Easy to clean as all parts are removable for ease of cleaning.
  6. Made of plastic and high-quality stainless steel for food, safe and durable.
  7. Holds up to 500ml of water. (almost 17 ounces)

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A no-mess combination feeder and waterer that keeps your pet’s neck free from dirt.  Avoid yellow staining on the face and neck.  Encourages your cat (or dog) to drink more clean water.  Easy to set up and easy to use.  Easy to check the water level and water quality.  High-quality PP+ HIPS plastic + Stainless Steel food bowl which is easy to remove from the feeder for cleaning and filling with food.  For use with dry food only, no canned or wet food should be placed in the feeder portion.

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