Ringworm-Buster Bundle


Degreasing Cream by PinkPawPal

The first step in bathing cats and dogs.  The PinkPawPal Degreasing Cream helps to remove heavy, greasy stains and prevents fungus while nourishing the coat and skin

R3 - 150g $15.00

Skincare Shampoo By PinkPawPal

The Skincare (anti-Fungal) Shampoo by PinkPawPal is an anti-fungal and stops itching and shedding.  Treats skin infections with natural extracts.

R6N - 135ml $15.00

Balancing Powder by PinkPawPal

The Balancing Powder by PinkPawPal is the final step in the bathing process after shampooing and conditioning. Removes residue, protects skin from irritation, and stops itching and shedding. Makes the coat glossy and nourishes the skin with natural ingredients, citrus fruits.

R11N - 100g $15.00

Skin and Ear Cleanser by PinkPawPal

The Skin and Ear Cleanser by PinkPawPal is a “no-rinse” cleaner. ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL.  PROTECTS FROM EAR MITES.  TREATS SKIN & EAR INFECTION

R8N - 135ml $15.00


ringworm-buster setRingworm-Buster Bundle – Promotion


Sale Runs through June 30, 2023

Safe with natural extracts.  Nourishes skin & coat.

Bundle includes:

  • No.3 – Degreasing Cream (150 g)
  • No.6 – Skincare Shampoo (135 ml)
  • No.11 – Balancing Rinsing Powder (100 g)
  • No. 8 – Skin & Ear Cleanser (135 ml)

Please note, the sizes of this promotional Ringworm-Buster Bundle

No Chemicals – Non-sulfate shampoo – No silicone – No antibiotics.




Mix 1 part of No.3 Degreasing Cream with 1 part of water then apply the cream to the whole body then rinse with water.

  • Apply No.6 Skincare Shampoo 1-2 times to get rid of excessive oil.
  • Dilute No.11 Balancing Rinsing Powder 1 spoon (Free spoon inside) with 1.5 L water. Then apply the solution to the whole body. And rinse with water before wiping the coat and dry completely.
  • Soak cotton bud or cotton ball with No.8 Skin & Ear Cleanser then wipe on the infected area 1-2 times daily. Clean inside and outside of the ears. Recommend using it after bathing. For ear mite protection, use every four (4) days.

Caution:   Prevent pets from swallowing or wiping products in the eyes. If your pet shows any allergic signs, please immediately stop using it.


  • Shampoo and degreasing cream are for external use only. Don’t let your pet lick or swallow the products.
  • Regarding cats with ringworm, the coat around infected area may fall off because the ringworm (fungi) destroys the hair root. To effectively cure the infected skin area, remove the hair by shaving or plucking.
  • Antifungal shampoo is intended for protecting your pet from skin infection or curing the first stage of skin infection. If the pet has severe skin infection, it is recommended to take the pet to a veterinarian.
  • For pets with sensitive skin, degreasing cream may irritate the skin after use. Hypoallergenic shampoo number 4 is recommended for pets with sensitive skin.